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PITAYA® restaurants recreate the urban atmosphere of Bangkok and its street food, with stir-fried dishes cooked in a wok in front of customers. Pitaya is perfectly grounded in a new trend: an attractive fast-good offer through complete meals, the quality and freshness of its products, resulting in a perfect combination of healthy eating at an affordable price.

Pitaya aspires to share the innate sense of Thai hospitality with its customers through generosity and kindness. 

This is Pitaya's promise:

  • A modern Thai street-food experience, an invitation to travel
  • A colorful show, in which our wokkers are the artists
  • Quality ingredients cut fresh in each restaurant, made to order in 3 minutes
  • Our unique Thai sense of Hospitality



      Our Story

      The love of the founder for the “Land of Smiles” and its cuisine made the founder of PITAYA want to share the development of a “street food” concept devoted to the culinary pleasures of Thai culture.

      Among all the exotics fruits you can find in the street of Bangkok, one in particular catches the founder’s attention with its beauty thanks to its attractive fuchsia color and its kiwi-style heart.

      This fruit, which is called the Pitaya, literally means “dragon fruit”. Thais like using them in the composition of local sweets.

      The name of this astonishing fruit ends up being obvious in the founder’s mind. “Pi-Thai-Ya.” The word immediately arouses the enthusiasm of his family and friends.

      The adventure began in 2010 with the opening of the first restaurant in the middle of the city of Bordeaux in France. Today, PITAYA® has grown and has opened more than 60 restaurants all over France and abroad.

      The idea of developing a trendy concept adapted to new contemporary consumption methods came to life and developed quickly to several other location to reach more than 70 restaurants all over France and abroad.